Other spaces

The Palazzo del Ghiaccio is part of the historic Frigoriferi Milanesi complex that also has a range of spaces with different sizes and characteristics for hosting events.


The Frigoriferi Milanesi were built in 1899 as an ice factory and refrigerated warehouses, but over the years their function has been changed repeatedly in order to adapt to the requirements of the times.

The Frigoriferi Milanesi were used to store the food supplies of the Milanese people until the arrival of household electrical appliances; during the economic boom years they stored fur coats, carpets and precious objects. Since 2003 the Frigoriferi Milanesi have hosted Open Care – Services for art, the first European company to integrate all activities necessary for the management, conservation and increase in value of works of art, from storage in its safe to logistics and conservation - through laboratories specialising in the restoration of paintings and works made from different materials, wooden furniture, tapestries and ancient textiles, carpets, ancient scientific instruments and scientific analyses - through to advisory services for estimates, valuations, archiving and the sale and purchase of works of art.


After the major refurbishment work that was carried out by the architecture firm 5+1AA, the Frigoriferi Milanesi became the headquarters for various professional firms, associations and organisations operating in the art and culture sector.

Progetto Frigoriferi Milanesi is a cultural initiative that was set-up to attract ideas and collaborations that bring to life expressive experimental projects on a variety of themes through meetings, exhibitions, presentations, shows and concerts that are organised in the Frigoriferi Milanesi spaces.